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How does the Vase Urn work?

The Vase Urn has 2 chambers separated by a solid wood disk. The bottom chamber holds cremations. The sealed top chamber will hold water and is designed to keep flowers or other memorials. Click here for more information.

How is my pet urn sealed?

We provide a quality plastic cremations bag with an adhesive strip to secure the ashes. The bag is sealed into the urn with a provided tight fitting plug on the bottom of the urn. 

Who puts the ashes in my pet urn?

If you are working with a veterinarian, the remains are usually returned in a plastic bag often within a cardboard box. To see instructions about how to transfer cremations into the Sky Urns bag and urn, click here. Also, crematories that specialize in pets provide a full range of services. Click here to find one near you.

What is the capacity and how does that relate to my pet?
The Vase Urn is 51 cubic inches. Each pound of your pet's total weight requires one cubic inch of space. If your pet weighs 40 lbs. you will need an urn that is 40 cubic inches or larger or share the cremations across multiple urns and other memorials.

Sizing details:
Height: 10 3/4” 
Width: 4 3/8”

How tall is the vase section?

The vase section of the urn is 5" tall, a perfect container for flowers and many other keepsakes.

What colors do you offer?

Currently we have four beautiful color combinations. 

- White with Dark Wood

- White with Light Wood 

- Pale Blue with Dark Wood

- Grey with Dark Wood 

All of our color options bring a natural warmth into your home with a beautiful wooden disk that provides a clean contrast between the vase top section and the urn vessel bottom.

Do you offer engraving?
Yes. The wood portion of the Vase Urn can be engraved. We offer 2 font choices: Serif and Sans Serif. We try to engrave and ship out your urn within 3 days. Engraving cost $39.

Can I make changes to my order?

Absolutely. We accept order changes until we pack up your urn.  We try to pack orders the day we get them. We'll do everything we can to help accommodate changes - just give us a call at (404) 262-3836


How long will it take for my urn to ship?

We try to ship within 24 hours of the order being placed.  

What is your return policy?

Review the refund policy here. 

Are your products guaranteed?

We guarantee our products for life and will do whatever we can to make sure you are 100% satisfied.