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Where are the ashes placed?
The ashes are placed through a hole on the bottom of the urn and secured with a rubber plug. The urn vessel is lined with a plastic bag and then a white rubber plug seals the hole shut. No outside elements can encounter the inside of the urn vessel, and water among other elements cannot enter the urn vessel from the vase section.

What colors do you offer?
Currently we have four beautiful color combinations.
- White with Dark Wood
- White with Light Wood
- Blue with Dark Wood
- Grey with Dark Wood

All our color options bring a natural warmth into your home with a beautiful wooden disk that provides a clean contrast between the vase top section and the urn vessel bottom.

Sizing details:
Height: 10 3/4”
Width: 4 3/8”

Volume: 51 cubic inches

How tall is the vase section?
The vase section is 5 inches tall, a perfect container for flowers and many other keepsakes.

How do I transfer the remains into my new pet vase urn?
Click here for the cremation transfer process how-to page.